Alisa Makarenko is a choreographer and author of the stage movement of performances for many different contemporary theaters in Poland.


As a dancer and co-creator of the spectacles, Alisa Makarenko has cooperated with theaters and foundations and performed at many events.


Alisa is the author of the mov_improv_ment teaching method – a combination of psychology, improvisation and contemporary dance.


Alisa is a winner of many national and international competitions in Ukraine, France, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia etc.

Social Media

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Because Alisa Makarenko is an active artist, teacher, choreographer and performer (and actress sometimes), the best way to track and view her newest projects is by subscribing her Facebook fan page. It is where the most accurate and actual information is shared.


Education & Passion

Alisa has trained various dance techniques while learning from educators from all around the world. From 2017 she is a lecturer at the STA Actor Studio. She is also the author of the her own contemporary dance teaching method. Read more here.

Let’s Create!

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