The three performers impress with energy, a very emotional dance, from which, contrary to the title, it is impossible to make a backup or backup version. The band’s artists worked on this performance during their residency at the City Contemporary Dance Center in Hong Kong.

The story

Backup tells the story of two women and a man and presents an attempt to make an alternative version of a resume. It is necessary for this situation to look at the past, define current emotions and specify dreams. Above all, however, you need to make a Backup that you can reference if something goes wrong. Is it possible to create a protective version of life, which would be subject to eternal modifications and amendments, or better to surrender to the stream of events, knowing that nothing happens twice.

Starring: Elwira Piorun, Alisa Makarenko, Artur Grabarczyk  Choreography: Group, Music: Adrian Piasecki. 

The play was performed: at TanzArt ostwest 2017 in Gießen (02.06.2017), at the PlaStforma Festival in Minsk (17.02.2018) and at ”Teatr Tańca Zawirowania” (Dance Theatre), Belwederska 20/22 St. in Warsaw.