The story presents the fate of three pianists who were connected by an extraordinary bond – a romantic triangle. The materials used to create the spectacle are their letters and diaries – full of mutual respect and attachment and unusual tenderness of Clara SchumannRobert Schumann and Johannes BrahmsThe performance shows their sensitivity, love, parenthood, friendship, mental illness, adolescence, life experience acquisition, limitations and weaknesses related to the human psyche and body.

About the performance

On September 13, 2019, we’ve celebrated the 200th anniversary of the birth of a grand piano virtuoso, a romantic composer, occupying a leading position among nineteenth-century pianists. It was on this occasion that a dance performance was created, initially called the Clara Project. On the time of the anniversary of Clara Schumann’s birth, we would like to draw attention to the composer’s extraordinary biography and to ensure that her memory does not fade over time.

The Clara performance uses the universal language of movement and music, thanks to which it meets the expectations of a wide audience, both young enthusiasts of classical music and dance theatre, as well as older connoisseurs of theatre art and contemporary ballet in the so-called “good taste”.


Clara Project

Choreographer and director: Alisa Makarenko
Choreographer’s assistant: Natalia Trafankowska
Music: Clara Schumann, Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms
Costumes: Larisa Komyshn
Clara Schumann – Natalia Trafankowska
Robert Schumann – Alexey Torgunakov
Johannes Brahms – Filip Trawiński
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Photographer: Szymon Kawecki
Poster: RGB shapes


Clara Spectacle Trailer

The Clara dance performance is a result of cooperation of outstanding dancers from the Grand Theater in Poznań (Poland) and the Russian Bolshoi Theater, as well as students and graduates of the STA Acting Studio.