Dorosłe? Dzieci!

A spectacle of the memory of Andrzej Sobczak, an outstanding polish songwriter, author of: „Daj mi tę noc”, „HiFi”, „Dorosłe dzieci”. The performance was realized thanks to the AQUANET company.

About the performance

Andrzej Sobczak’s songs are known to everyone, perhaps without even knowing who their author was. The lyrics of the songs „Experience it yourself”, „Give me this night”, „HiFi” or „Adult children” shaped the awareness of several generations of the last decades of the Polish People’s Republic and the time of transformation. Let’s check if the hits written, performed and valid many years ago also have the power to influence young people today. Are they timeless and tell us something important about the world today? In our opinion, YES!
Performance performed by the STA Acting Studio.

PLACE & creators

Teatr Polski in Poznan

Directed by: Michał Kocurek
Screenplay: Krzysztof Gajda
Musical direction and arrangements: Stanisław Pawlak, Michał Obrębski
Choreography: Alisa Makarenko
Scenography / Costumes: Magdalena Kocurek
Cast: Sandra Cieślewicz, Wiktoria Dudek, Joanna Jewuła, Marika Kornacka, Joanna Majewska, Justyna Mordarska, Aleksandra Radzioch, Julia Szczesnowska, Łukasz Burzyński, Wawrzyniec Malinowski, Karolina Supron, Agnieszka Pawlak, Magdalena Morysiak, Patrycja Serwatka.