His est caritas… 

The legend of East Asia says … An invisible red thread connects those who were meant to meet, regardless of time, place or circumstances. This thread may stretch or become tangled, but it will never break. Do you believe in the inevitability of the future? Do you think that man has control over his Fate? Is it a fatalism or freedom of choice? Who you are? A director, actor or a silent viewer of the film titled „Life”?

About the performance

The piece was commissioned in 2000 by Joe Alter Dance Group (Polish premiere in Warsaw, premiere in the USA – Columbus, Ohio in the same year). It is a nonlinear music and dance story in which the heroes are five states important for the spiritual constitution of man: longing (need, experience of lack), passion (desire, will, opposition, lust, anger), as well as faith, hope and love. The title – in the Polish translation „of them (…) Love” – ​​suggests that the message is oriented towards the last of them as a center of gravity for the others. However, each of the states is presented as a pair – with its reflection. The resulting ten images shape the narrative in a non-linear manner, filling the temporal landscape with themselves rather than causing the next one to overlap with the previous ones. Between the five elements (elements) and their „modulations” there is a subtle play of motives and their „accompaniment” (environments). Such architecture, stretched in three dimensions of form, expression and time, is filled – or perhaps even drawn – with movement, told with the unique poetics of the human body: gesture in space and dance.

 – Aleksander Kościów

PLACE & creators


Premiere: November 29, 2014, Mazowiecki Institute of Culture Warsaw Dance Days III. International Festival of Contemporary Dance
Running time: 45 min, no intermission
Direction and choreography: Alisa Makarenko
Music: Aleksander Kościów
Artistic supervision: Aleksandra Dziurosz Set and costume design: Karolina Fandrejewska
Lighting design: Paulina Góral
Makeup: Elżbieta Tolak
Cast (Warsaw Dance Theater); Kamila Borowska, Julia Ławrenowa, Alisa Makarenko, Agata Pankowska, Natalia Walach, Kamil Węsierski
Chamber ensemble: Ewa Puchalska – mezzo-soprano, Sebastian Aleksandrowicz – oboe, Klaudiusz Baran – accordion, Miłosz Pękala – drums, Justyna Baran – 1st violin, Paulina Sokołowska – 2nd violin, Marek Czech – viola, Tomasz Błaszczak – cello