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– Two weeks ago, I thought about killing Dominica. I don’t know what caused it, but I felt aggression rising up inside me. I thought about how I would carry out the murder – says Jacek B., on May 13, 1999, after an overnight interrogation. In the morning the investigator will hear that this was not the only victim of the detainee. I finally broke free from it – he adds at the end.

About the performance

The neighbors will be surprised; he was quite a good boy after all. Attentive, from a normal family, he did not drink or smoke. At school, he did not do well, but in the confectionery he was a role model for others. The owner of the plant will say: The best of my students: accurate, even pedantic, and artistic line. For the 650th anniversary of Bydgoszcz, he made a model of historic chocolate and biscuit granaries. He will enter the apartment of the murdered 16-year-old with a radiant smile. Calmly he will indicate the places where he hid bloody clothes and tools of the crime: a meat pestle and a knife.

Twenty years later, Michał Siegoczyński, a director valued for his insightful observation of the characters he talks about from the stage, takes to the workshop the story of a Bydgoszcz killer. What is the „element of evil” that witnesses of the trial allegedly saw in the eyes of the accused? Does the desire for destruction come from outside or is it dormant in all of us? And finally, what can a man feel when he gets rid of another person’s life?


The play is based on the „Another soul” book by a great polish writer Łukasz Orbitowski. The performance takes part in the 26th National Competition for the Exhibition of Polish Contemporary Art.

PLACE & creators

Polish Theatre in Bydgoszcz

Premiere: 25 May, 2019, Teatr Polski w Bydgoszczy
Running time: 100 min, no intermission
DIRECTION & TEXT: Michał Siegoczyński
MUSIC: Kamil Pater
LIGHT / VIDEO: Michał Głaszczka
SCENIC MOTION: Alisa Makarenko
INSPICIENT: Hanna Gruszczyńska

CAST: Izabela Baran, Emilia Piech, Michalina Rodak, Małgorzata Trofimiuk, Małgorzata Witkowska, Igor Kowalunas, Mirosław Guzowski, Damian Kwiatkowski, Jerzy Pożarowski, Krzysztof Prałat, Michał Surówka and Jędrzej Dolata, Nikodem Dunajewski, Cezary Jędrzejewski, Igor Kondrat, Mateusz Musrat , Filip Paszkowski, Fabian Popielewski