Who’s the Angel-Peacock? (Kim jest Anioł-Paw?)

In the north of Syria and Iraq, Yezidis have been living for centuries – an ethnoreligious minority in the Muslim world. They are the target of attacks by so-called fighters. Islamic State. The Jews are mocked for their faith and called „peacock worshipers.”

About the performance

About half a million Yezidis are living in the north from Iraq. For several years they have been ruthlessly pursued by the furious ISIS hordes. Seeking to take the caliphate in all Arab countries, ISIS soldiers continue religious purges, persecuting those who do not want to submit to extremism. Many escaped, others took up the fight with the enemy. Some of them met a tragic fate. Everyone is forced to convert to Islam.

What then means to be a Yezidis?
Would you be able to survive the test against all this cruelty?
Are you ready alone to suffer torture in the name of faith?
Only or for sure alone?
Who is Melekê Taus?

Who is Angel-Peacock?

PLACE & creators

STA – The Art Association

Premiere: 12 October 2018
Running time: 60 min, no intermission
Script and direction: Dominika Konieczna

opieka artystyczna: Ula Kijak

opieka merytoryczna: Magdalena Lorenc

Movement direction : Alisa Makarenko

asystent reżysera: Iga Błońska

Cast: Malina Goehs, Marika Kornacka, Lidia Święszkowska, Dawid Zieliński 
Poster: RGB Shapes