,,I don’t teach how to dance. I help to find the authentic expression of movement. I suggest tools and give a strong workshop. We go through specific exercises together. I’m taking you on a journey, you will discover a new world. In the end, you can choose who you are and what your dance is.” – Alisa


,,These are the three most important words (& actions) of my life.”


Every movement is allowed. Every strange movement is beautiful. Don’t judge yourself. Let your body move.


I give you a lot of interesting tasks and tools to develop your improvisations. Wake up your imagination!


Just see your personality and artistic improvement. You are better every lesson!

What I Do

About classes

Classes include such elements as amplitude, dynamics, tempo, directions, levels, qualities, zones; mathematics and humanities of movement; types of mindfulness in performance; independence, work with a partner, dancing in a group; body consciousness and harmony; ways of interpreting music.

Let’s dance!

If you are interested in having  mov_improv_ment workshops in your country, please leave me a message.

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