Night and Fog 

The Night and Fog performance is an expression of hope – also the one related to the future of Fort VII as a place of meeting, education and development of historical consciousness of society.\

Fort VII – Konzentrationslager Posen 

The concentration camp in Fort VII – Konzentrationslager Posen – referred to by the Germans as „temporary”, in fact, became a place that played a key role in the whole plan of Nazi extermination. The most effective ways of perceiving life were tested there (among others by means of a gas chamber) and the foundations of Polish society were systematically liquidated. Only art is able to show the magnitude of this tragedy. The performance „Night and fog” tells about the place and time, evokes memories and allows you to listen to the voices of the absent.

The performance 

The performance will consist of music, words and movement. The musical composition, composed especially for this purpose, will contain sounds recorded previously in the „recesses” of Fort VII. Among the sounds, one can hear the fragments of the letters of the extermination camp prisoners, as well as the Biblical Psalms recited in Polish, Hebrew and Latin. The landscape sound will be accompanied by lamentations performed by invited soloists and musicians, as well as the movement based on Paulina Wycichowska’s choreography.

Flashes of lights – „searchlights” – sneaking at night after the elements of the fort will add dramaturgy and stimulate the viewers imagination.

More information 

Idea: Patryk Piłasiewicz and Jakub Królikowski,

Music: Patryk Piłasiewicz and Jakub Królikowski,

Choreography:  Paulina Wycichowska,

Musicians: Marzena Michałowska – soprano, Wacław Zimpel – clarinet, Jakub Królikowski – piano, Patryk Piłasiewicz – double bass, Andrzej Konieczny – drums,

The team of Dancers and Performers – movement,

Costumes: Paulina Wycichowska

Organizers:  Jakub Królikowski and Cheslav Singh from Our, PL’ace Foundation, Patryk Piłasiewicz from the „Astigmatic” Association, Museum of Martyrdom of Wielkopolska – Fort VII,  Financial assistance: National Center for Culture – Culture Program – Interventions 2017, Office of the Marshal of the Wielkopolska Province, City Hall of Poznań  Honorary patronage: Marshal of the Wielkopolska Region Marek Woźniak, The President of the City of Poznań Jacek Jaśkowiak