The Laramie Project

„The Laramie Project” has been recognized by the New York Times as one of the most important contemporary art spectacles of the last two decades. It was showed over 2,000 times in the United States.


Homophobic murder that shocked America.

After the murder of a student in Laramie, members of the theater group appear in the town and start conversations with the residents. For over a year they have been documenting the process of searching for motives of crime and an adequate punishment for it, creating an emotional picture of a community in which prejudices gave a silent applause.

Theatre of fact. Moving. Actual. Uncompromising. Important. The performance was co-produced by the Dramatic Theatre and the FETA Foundation, whose mission is to condemn injustice, to give the courage to speak out loud about what hurts, teach tolerance and how to face hate speech.

PLACE & creators

Teatr Dramatyczny, Warsaw

Premiere: September 20, 2019, T. Łomnicki Stage, Wola

Translation, direction and set design: Michael Gieleta
Costumes: Monika Palikot
Lighting designer: Ewa Garniec
Stage movement: Alisa Makarenko
Video projections: Katarzyna Irmina Stępniak
Sound direction: Zdzisław Zieliński
Director’s assistants: Antoniusz Dietzius, Oskar Czyż

Cast: Zuzanna Bernat, Anna Mrozowska, Beata Kawka, Katarzyna Krzanowska, Jacek Kopczyński, Sławomir Pacek, Jakub Kamieński, Filip Milczarski, Michał Wolny, Daniel Mosior, Damian Kulec, Monika Obara, Daria Widawska, Agnieszka Matysiak, Katarzyna Głogowska, Karol Wróblewski