Tree of Life  

The project is inspired by series of metamorphoses of  the nature in context of Chinese medicine. Thus, human being as a part of  nature is as well subject to those metamorphoses, both biological and psychical. The project shows the metamorphoses in the cycle of human life using an example of woman’s life.

Tree of Life mythology

What makes an inspiration for the project is a context of the Tree of Life, which in mythologies of many cultures stood for a bond between metaphysical and physical world. The tree of Life is related to those particular mythological tales which expose spherical construction of the cosmos – with its three basic spheres: heavens, earth and underworld. Those spheres analogically correspond with crown, trunk and roots of the Cosmic Tree. But at the same time the Tree, passing through all those spheres creates a bond between worlds. Therefore, the tree makes the mediation between them possible. Hence, trees as the mediative entities are being chosen by gods for places of their apparitions. This point of the ordered world which abuts to the Cosmic Tree must be the centre of the universe. The Tree of Life project will use this motif literally and metaphorically focusing on the subject of the force and potency lying in nature.  On the other hand, it will try to show the monstrous threats in the case of nature’s degradation which has taken place lately.

About the project

The Tree of Life project is expressed through three different artistic devices: dance installation, video-dance and performance. Instead of pure form in contemporary art, there are rather its hybrids and variations. The play of the subject and form gives us a lot of artistic freedom – which is strictly connected with the responsibility for the choice of the content, subject and artistic devices.

(YouTube movie – the official trailer)

Concept and direction: Paulina Święcańska  Characters: Maria Bijak / Alisa Makarenko, Hanna Jurczak Joanna Sieradzan, Piotr Stanek, Paulina Święcańska  Children: Antonina Piwkowska, Kaja Stelmach, Joachim Stelmach, Seweryn Wencki  Video-dance and video designer: Klara Kopcińska  Designer and lighting designer: Roman Woźniak  Music: Jakub Dykiert, Gniewomir Tomczyk  Photos: Marta Ankiersztejn-Węgier